Rode Wireless GO II

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01 November 2023

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Wireless GO II RX with feature points

1LED Screen

2Power Button

3USB-C Connector

43.5mm TRS Output

5Gain Control/Mute Button

6Pair Button/Channel Selection

7Merged/Split Mode Selector

Wireless GO II TX with feature points

1USB-C Connector

2Power Button

33.5mm TRS Input

4In-built Mic

5Battery Indicator LED

6Connectivity Indicator LED

Box Contains

1 x Receiver, 2 x Transmitters, 3 x Furry Windshields, 3 x SC20 USB-C to USB-A Cables, 1 x SC5 TRS to TRS Memory Cable, 1 x Carry Pouch

Pro Tip

Connecting the Wireless GO II to your smartphone or tablet via USB-C rather than using the 3.5mm analog TRS output gives you access to a number of useful features:

High-quality audio output – Using the USB-C output bypasses the recording device's analog input circuitry, giving a direct digital signal transfer for optimum quality.

Headphone monitoring – Using the USB-C output frees up the 3.5mm output so you can plug your headphones in and monitor your audio while recording. You can even use the gain control to adjust the volume of your headphones.


Pro Tip


To get the cleanest signal when you record, it is recommended that you set the gain on your camera as low as possible, then use the gain control on the Wireless GO II to boost your signal if required. Cameras generally have poor-quality, noisy preamps that are quite sensitive, so it’s best to not rely on them to achieve good recording levels.


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