BY-W4 Ultracompact 2.4GHz Four-Channel Wireless Microphone System

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17 January 2023

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BY-W4 is a four-channel wireless microphone system that offers broadcast quality & reliable performance with clear, crisp audio. Featuring four channels, it is perfect for multi-person interviews, live performances, live streaming, conferences, panel discussions, or other events.
4-Channel Wireless System, Remarkably Easy-to-Use
The BY-W4 features a 4-channel wireless system that allows for up to four microphones to be used simultaneously, making it perfect for group presentations, conferences, or interviews.
Incredible Broadcast-Quality Audio
With a high-quality built-in omnidirectional microphone also an impressive sensitivity of -42dB, the BY-W4 delivers much more clear & detailed audio, ensuring that your voice is heard loud & clear.
Compact & Lightweight
With a weight of fewer than 13 grams, the BY-W4 is portable & convenient to carry around. Whether you're a musician, presenter, or event organizer, it is an excellent choice for capturing also amplifying clear also dynamic audio.
Two 3.5mm Output Cables to Maximize Compatibility & Flexibility
The BY-W4 receiver features two 3.5mm TRRS output cables that work seamlessly with either cameras, smartphones, computers, etc.
Real-time Audio Monitoring
With a 3.5mm TRRS male to dual TRRS female cable, it allows users to fully monitor sound during the recording process at any time.
Packing List
      • BY-W4 TX Transmitter *4
      • BY-W4 RX Receiver *1
      • 3.5mm TRRS to TRS Output Cable for Cameras *1
      • 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS Output Cable for Smartphones *1
      • 3.5mm TRRS Male to Dual TRRS Female Cable *1
      • USB-C Charging Cable *3
      • Fur Windshield *4
      • Carrying Pouch *1

 Transmission Type  2.4GHz ISM
 Modulation  GFSK
 Poplar Pattern  Omnidirectional
 Operating Range  Up to 30m (without obstacles)
 RF Output Power  <10mW
 Frequency Response  50Hz-16kHz
 SNR  >78dB
 Sensitivity  -42dB
 Built-in Li-ion Battery Specifications  3.7V/ 110mAh
 Charging Port  USB-C
 Charging Time  Approx. 2 hours
 Battery Life  Approx.7 hours
 Weight  Approx.12.5g
 Dimensions  17.7x59x10mm

 Transmission Type  2.4GHz lSM
 Modulation  GFSK
 Operating Range   up to 30m (without obstacles)
 RF Output Power  <10mW
 Audio Output  3.5 mm TRRS Output Jack
 Built-in Li-ion Battery Specifications  3.7V / 200mAh
 Charging Port  USB-C
 Charging Time  Approx. 2 hours
 Battery Life  Approx.7 hours
 Weight  Approx.18g
 Dimensions  20.2x65×12.8mm


BY-W4 Ultracompact 2.4GHz Four-Channel Wireless Microphone System

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