BY-CM5 Desktop USB Microphone

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28 November 2022

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Desktop USB Microphone
·Ideal for podcasting, live-streaming, home-studio recording, video conference etc
·Compatible with most Android devices, tablets with USB-C connector, PC and Mac/Windows computers
·Switchable cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns
·Latency-free headphone monitoring checks recording
·Volume, gain and mute control are all in one knob
The BOYA BY-CM5 is a USB condenser microphone, which delivers high-quality sound in all recording applications, such as podcasting, live-streaming, home-studio recording, video conference call and more.
With USB-A and USB-C cables included, just plug and you're ready to get started. The BY-CM5 is compatible with most Android devices, tablets with USB-C connectors and PC, Mac/Windows computers. In addition to being convenient to use, BY-CM5 also has the following functions to meet the recording needs:
Switchable Polar Patterns for Different Scenarios
Designed with a touch click, BY-CM5 is to help users to switch between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns easily. Use the cardioid setting to reject off-axis noise, minimizing room tone even when speaking directly into the mic. It is suitable for podcasting, vocal and instrument recording. Choose omnidirectional pattern to capture audio all around the capsule, which is great for work that features multiple voices like interviews and video conferences.
All-In-One Control Knob  
Integrated with a multifunctional knob, users can control all recording functions within one knob. Three color lights, blue, purple, and red, are used to represent different control of the mic. The light in default setting is solid blue light, which represents headphone volume control. Short press the knob is to mute the microphone then the light will turn into red. Press and hold the knob for 2 seconds to switch between gain control and headphone volume control which is in solid purple light. 
Monitoring Each Recording Moment in Real-Time
How can we perfect our own audio during the recording process? The BY-CM5 has a 3.5mm headphone jack with latency-free monitoring, checking the recording sound and making the adjustment immediately. Simply plug your headphones into the mic's 3.5mm jack, and you'll hear the broadcast-quality audio.
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